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A comprehensive approach to electronic educational assessment

Curriculum Tracking

› Transition points require candidates to submit artifacts for evaluation before

  they can move on in system

› You can create a system that catches students from moving on until certain

  requirements are met (for example: passing teacher certification tests)

› Help identify the strengths and weaknesses in your program's design and

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Field Experience

› Ability to send the mentor/teacher end-of-experience questionnaires


› Gives administrators and analysis from and links to students'

  demographics pages

› By combining a diverse amount of information, our Field Experiences

  represent a holistic view of your students' time outside of college


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› As accrediting bodies change their requirements, we'll walk you through those

  changes and help to keep your data system up to date.

› Track any type of indicator or data imaginable.

› Deliver rubrics and surveys to all participants: the candidate, the assigning

  faculty member, and the candidate's site contact or mentor

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› Use our pre-made PASS-PORT Accreditation Portfolios Templates to gather

helpful documents in the accreditation process.

› Align your documents with standards within PASS-PORT

› Get a detailed view of what documents align to the corresponding Accrediting Bodies.

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Curriculum Tracking
Field Experience

Solutions We Offer

Campus Wide

Designed for use across institutions who need student learning performance data for regional accreditation, general education, and other non-professional degree programs.

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Departmental Assessments

Contains tools and features to aggregate data across multiple departments but allows you to track more detailed information of the students’ program of study.

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Who PASS-PORT Serves

How can we help students?

Publish portfolios online or zip your files for sharing with potential employees or other employers.

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What others say

Student learning assessment has become such a critical function in higher education that the software to support assessment must excel in many areas. The more we work with PASS-PORT, the more impressed we are with its capabilities. For conceptual rigor, successful accreditation track record (including our own), comprehensiveness, ease-of-use, affordability, support, training, documentation, and, most importantly, "value-added assessment," PASS-PORT easily makes our...

Dr. Roger Sherman Ph. D
Associate Dean
Five Towns College

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The PASS-PORT Difference

Continuous improvement isn't just for schools, we strive to make PASS-PORT better every day.

Continuous improvement isn't just for schools, we strive to make PASS-PORT better every day.

Track your students out in the field and do end of field experience questionnaires.

Students can request an exit exam and the administrator can administer the test through PASS-PORT.